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Asset Management

Professional Asset Management

Investing in financial markets with a professional asset manager offers the prospect of capital gains and income, and can protect the real value of your money.

In a volatile economy, saving and investing have never been more important in ensuring that you can retire with a comfortable level of income.

Global research has found that those who receive financial advice accumulate significantly more liquid financial assets and pension wealth than their unadvised peers.

Launched in 2016, Fussell Asset Management is a niche investment business that serves private clients and investors. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients by delivering strong risk-adjusted returns together with the highest level of personalised service.

Delivering outstanding client service is as fundamental to our business as delivering strong investment results. Our clients are unique, and so are their needs. This is why we offer customised investment plans to suit each client’s specific objectives and risk profile.

We have a proven long-term track record of achieving superior returns for our clients, having run model portfolios for our client base for more than a decade, prior to acquiring our own Category II Financial Services Provider Licence. Model portfolios are built by financial advisers following a process of in-depth financial analysis, to match the investment needs of their clients with a portfolio of assets.

Strategic Partnerships

Through our partnership with Analytics Consulting, a specialist business that focuses on managing a range of multi-manager unit trust funds and wrap funds, we are developing bespoke collective investment solutions for our clients, each tailored to meet client requirements, on a cost effective and tax efficient basis. Analytics Consulting assists with local and foreign product development, and provides support for Fussell’s investment committee’s governance framework, which ensures integrity, honesty and fairness.

Investment Pool

Our collective investments pool your capital with other savers and we manage the funds on your behalf, enabling you to build a diversified portfolio.
We have proved that there are real returns to obtaining expert financial advice.

Why Choose Fussell Asset Management?

Regulatory compliance
Business standing
Sound administrative processes and record-keeping
Proven investment competency
Qualified and experienced team
Sound investment philosophy
Owner managed
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