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Employee Benefits

Complete Employee Benefits Strategy

In the race to attract and retain scarce talent, innovative employee benefits are your competitive advantage.

Attracting and retaining a talented workforce is crucial for business success. Our employee benefits consultants can advise you on the best structure for your specific business or workforce — one which not only delivers positive retirement outcomes for your staff, but also delivers on long-term strategic goals for your organisation as a whole.

Financial security begins with workplace benefits. Good financial health and security starts with the protection products offered at work. But the biggest challenge for workers is getting the best information to make informed decisions about their financial preparedness. That’s where our specialist team comes in. We equip employers with the confidence of knowing that the decisions they make on behalf of their employees are the right ones.

Employee Benefits Strategy

An employee benefits package should be attractive to both current and prospective employees, while at the same time being financially feasible for you as the employer.
Your first step is to decide what employee benefits to offer.

These include:

  • retirement savings funds (provident and pension funds)
  • group life insurance benefits
  • disability insurance benefits
  • dread disease benefits
  • funeral schemes
  • health benefits
  • investments

We can help you structure your employee benefits strategy, identifying and sourcing the most suitable benefit structures and solutions on the market, to meet the demands of your business and your employees.

Employee Benefits Services

When it comes to employee benefits, our focus in on providing the right financial products and services to the most important people in your business: your employees.

We customise benefit plans that meet specific needs of your organisation and your employees, because one size doesn’t fit all. Customer oriented, focused and flexible, our advisers will make the enrolment process simple, efficient and informative for your employees.

Our team will educate your employees to ensure that advantages of pre-tax benefits, as well as the structure of their benefits packages, to ensure that they are comfortable with the solutions we provide for their future.
As specialists in the area of designing employee benefits programme, we consult to companies of all sizes throughout South Africa.

All employee benefits packages are administered by major insurance companies such as Hollard, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Momentum, Liberty Life as well as other specialist administrators. Our salaried consultants are not concerned about making a sale to earn an income, which ensures that there is total objectivity, and no conflict of interest, in providing a comprehensive service to you, our client.

Why Choose Fussell Employee Benefits?

Customised package designed for your business
Specialist consultants
On-going communication with and education of employees
Convenient and efficient enrolment
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